Tampa Office Leasing Update

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The Tampa office market is doing relatively well, despite the pandemic.   📌 Over the last 24 months, we’ve held relatively steady at an average vacancy rate of about 7.5%.   📌 Annual rent growth remains one of the strongest in the country. It’s currently...
Tampa Office Sales Comp by John Milsaps

Tampa Office Sales Comps & Report | JULY – AUGUST 2020

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We’re now eight months into a historic pandemic. While everyone has been hard hit, the Tampa/Clearwater/St. Pete MSA’s diversified economy is helping us on the road to recovery as office sales activity steadily picks back up. The total transaction volume in Tampa for...
Tampa Employment Growth Trends | September 2020

Employment Growth Trends – Tampa/St. Pete/Clearwater MSA | SEPT 2020

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Which industries are growing and which are declining? – Employment & unemployment are important factors affecting the office market.  The Tampa area unemployment rate declined again this month, showing an improvement month-over-month from 6.8% in August to 6.1% in...
John Blog Employment Growth Trends August 2020

Employment Growth Trends in the Tampa-St. Pete-Clearwater MSA

Jobs and unemployment are important factors shaping the office sector. Increasing numbers of jobs indicated an increased need for office space, while higher numbers of unemployment show the potential for a decreased need. Here are the latest unemployment numbers for your...
John Milsaps Sales Comps June-July 2020

Tampa Office Sales Comps & Report | JUNE – JULY 2020

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As we made our way into the end of the first half of a truly unprecedented year, sales started to pick up although still showing year-over-year declines. In June, the office market transaction volume was $17,739,000 versus $66,800,100 in 2019, reflecting a -73.4% YOY decrease....
Office-Using Emlpoyment Updates September 2020 - Which office-using sectors are growing, and which are declining?

Office-Using Employment Updates Sept 2020

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Employment trends have a direct impact on office demand. As foreseen, national employment in office-using sectors has seen job losses. However, at a 5.6% decline YOY in July 2020, it demonstrates better performance than the overall economy which experienced a decrease of 7.5%...

Amazon’s 6 Million+ SF Footprint in Tampa…What does it mean to office property investors?

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While a lot has changed over the last few months, one thing hasn’t–and that’s Tampa’s continuing growth, national visibility, and strategic importance. One of the many companies that are making major moves in the Tampa area is Amazon. The retail behemoth...

Office Property Sales & Trends | May – June 2020

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A look at macro and micro trends including my monthly Tampa Office Sales Comps Report The Big Picture As we move into the second half of this unprecedented year, more companies are starting to make decisions and moves to accommodate the new workplace reality. Just this week,...

Tampa Office Sales Comps & Report | APRIL – MAY 2020

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Resilience is the new “normal”. COVID-19 has presented challenges for everyone, including office property owners. We’re living through extraordinary times, but while circumstances are changing daily, we can navigate these difficulties by looking at data, tracking evolving market...
Office Market Mid-Year Executive Update

The Exodus That Never Was…Or, Is It Yet to Come?

Office Market Mid-Year Executive Update As we move into the second half of the year, and the second wave of COVID-19, office property investors are standing by to see how the pandemic affects the office market. While many feared the dramatic exodus from office to remote work that...