Tenant Representation

Finding some good tenant representation is an important thing to consider for anybody who is looking to lease commercial real estate. A tenant rep’s main priority is to focus on the interests and needs of you, the tenant, walking you through your commercial real estate transaction from start to finish. If the seller has an agent on their side, it stands to reason that you should as well. Here are a few ways you can expect your tenant rep to aid you through the process:

They Will Assess Your Needs

A good tenant rep understands that you and your business have very specific needs. They will sit down with you and ask you the right questions to help you decide whether relocation or renewal is in your best interests. This process will take into account the location and size of your current space, as well as your company’s potential growth and your current budget, among other factors. If your evaluation determines that you are predominately satisfied with your current space, your tenant rep will likely recommend you stay put, unless they find that they may be able to save you a significant amount of money by relocation. Your tenant rep won’t stop looking for the best deal for you until they’re certain they’ve found it.

They Will Help You to Locate the Right Space

If your initial evaluation determines that relocation is in the best interest of you and your company needs, your tenant rep will get the search underway immediately. An experienced rep will use a vast array of techniques to put together a list of available properties that fit your individual criteria. They will help you to understand the potential benefits and disadvantages of each property, as well as to narrow down the list to five or ten sites you’d like to learn more about. They will continue to research these properties so that they are adequately prepared to answer any and all questions that may arise during your property tour.

They Will Work to Negotiate the Best Deal

Closing a deal that is fair and ethical is the number one reason you should work with a tenant rep. When you find the property you are interested in leasing, your tenant rep will send a formal request for proposal, which outlines the basic terms the landlord is willing to offer you. The landlord is also trying to secure a deal in their best interests, so their initial offer will probably not showcase his/her best terms. Your rep will work tirelessly to negotiate terms that are equally in your favor and help you to understand where it is appropriate to concede and where you shouldn’t. They will continue to work diligently until a fair agreement has been reached and the lease is completely drafted, reviewed, modified, and signed, with the assistance of the appropriate legal counsel.

They Will Stick Around After Your Contract is Signed

Your relationship with your tenant rep doesn’t stop once your lease is signed. They will continue to be a valuable tool in your pocket, providing you with access to a vast network of skilled industry professionals who can help you with designing, remodeling, and managing your new space. They will remain available for any questions that arise during the lease term, and be there at its end to reevaluate and help you determine your next move.

What Makes John Different?

With so many commercial real estate agents in the Tampa area, it’s important to understand what sets John apart from the rest. John’s extensive research in the areas of supply characteristics, demand drivers, market dynamics, trends, and portfolio strategy in the Tampa Bay area help his clients to secure a better understanding of the opportunities and risks they may face when making important decisions regarding their property. Pair this knowledge base with John’s pervasive understanding in the sector of professional and medical office space, his tenacious personality, commitment to his clients, and ability to utilize the breadth of the SVN brand to find quality buyers, and you are looking at a recipe for success. Success, to John, is defined as a sales agreement that is beneficial, simple, and ethical for both the seller and the buyer. He has made it his mission to constantly evolve and grow as the needs of the market do to ensure the he keeps a competitive edge and stands apart from his competition.

Your Tenant Representation

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