Why Hire a Commercial Real Estate Specialist?

Why Hire a Commercial Real Estate Specialist?

Despite what you may have been led to believe, not all commercial real estate agents are the same.  In fact, more often than not you will find that a good commercial real estate agent has a chosen niche in which he or she specializes.  As you can imagine, there are many advantages to hiring a commercial real estate specialist as opposed to just anybody who may have the necessary licensing to buy and sell commercial property.  Let’s take a moment to clarify what it is that sets a specialist apart.


While any average commercial agent may have experience in commercial real estate transactions, a commercial real estate specialist has the advantage of expertise.  They are well-versed in the ins and outs of a particular market which gives them valuable insights that can help facilitate the best deal for their clients.  An agent without this specific information may lack the knowledge it takes to most beneficially negotiate on your behalf.


commercial real estate specialist planning a marketing strategyA commercial real estate specialist will use his/her comprehensive understanding of their particular niche market to create a unique and precise marketing approach that will best represent your property.  Their familiarity with the nuances of their chosen specialty market gives them greater insight as to what buyers are really looking for.  For example, an agent who typically lists and sells industrial real estate may not have the comprehension of what a buyer in the professional office space sector needs in order to make their space function to its best ability.  They may not understand the importance of how factors such as floor plan, use of common areas, and even natural lighting can affect the productivity, organization, and efficiency of an office atmosphere.  An agent within the professional office space sector will know how to showcase these features and draw in the right potential buyers, as well as helping those search for professional office space find the right property based on their particular needs.

Time & Money

Due to the fact that a commercial real estate specialist has taken the time to study the minutiae that makes their niche market unique, you won’t have to worry about your real estate transaction taking up extra time (and with it, costing you or your business money).  A specialist will already have a database of qualified properties lined up to show you if you are looking to buy or lease.  If you are a seller, they can do the same for you, tapping into their network to ensure that quality buyers are ready and willing to make an offer.

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Easier Negotiations

A commercial real estate specialist knows exactly what they need to do to represent their client’s best interest when it comes to closing a deal.  Their extensive experience within their particular sector has allowed them to be privy to many different types of problems that can potentially arise as negotiations ensue.  This gives your agent the foresight to plan ahead and be prepared for whatever may come up.  It also affords them the ability to keep you, the client, well-informed of your best course of action and of probable outcomes of clauses or provisions you may be considering as the arbitration process begins.

Valuable Networks

As mentioned previously, a commercial real estate specialist will have the access and ability to pair qualified buyers and sellers that will make your search easier and smoother, but it doesn’t stop there.  A quality commercial real estate specialist will also likely have an expansive network of trusted and reputable referrals that can work with you from the onset of your search right through to finishing up renovations and even marketing to appropriate clientele.  This can be an invaluable benefit whether you are a seller needing repairs and maintenance, or a commercial real estate specialistbuyer looking for anything from a property inspector to a property management company.  Having an agent with a database of tried and true referral resources is a surefire way to save you a lot of time and effort.

Looking for a Commercial Real Estate Specialist in the Tampa Area?

If you are searching for a commercial real estate specialist in the Tampa area, look no further.  John Milsaps has a proven track record of success walking his clients easily through their commercial real estate transactions from start to finish.  John has extensively studied both the medical real estate sector, as well as the professional office space market.  He takes great pride in representing both sellers and buyers, and has taken the time to diligently build a reputation based off of fairness, hard work, and honesty.  To learn more about John and to peruse his database of properties in the Tampa area, visit his website and then contact him to begin your search.

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John Milsaps, a Senior Advisor at SVN Commercial Advisory Group, specializes in landlord and seller representation in Tampa's professional office and healthcare real estate sectors. His expertise in commercial office space makes him a trusted advocate for clients seeking strategic real estate solutions.