What Makes a Great Office Space in Tampa?

What Makes a Great Office Space in Tampa?

What makes any space great is certainly a subjective concept.  What one person finds amazing, another may find bland, boring, or outrageous.  True as that may be, there are certain questions that you will want to ask to determine what type of office space is ideal for you, whether you are considering it as an investment property or for the home of your business.  Office space in Tampa and the surrounding areas comes in all different shapes and sizes, so get a clear picture of what you’re looking for before you blindly begin touring properties.  Here are a few questions you might want to think about:

1. What size do I need?

office space size in tampa flThere’s a lot of office space in Tampa right now, so it won’t be hard to find the space that’s perfect for you, but the first thing you will want to do is to determine how much room you need!  You can figure this out by first considering how many employees you intend to have.  You should expect to use between 100 and 250 square feet of usable office space per employee, depending on how you plan on having your office set up.  This brings you to your next consideration.  What type of floor plan are you thinking about?  If you would like your office to be more open concept, you will need a building that will allow for that type of set-up.  If you prefer a more old-school office design, you will want to make sure that the space can be partitioned off into smaller office segments.

2. What is my budget?

As in any other type of real estate, you pay for location with commercial office space.  Office space in Tampa can range anywhere from a few hundred a month for shared, rentable space, to upwards of a million for waterfront office property.  The average spent in Tampa and the surrounding areas for rental office space was $15.78 per square foot/year as of June 16, according to Loopnet.com.   With such a wide gap, it’s obvious why it is so important to know what you are looking to spend.  Your budget will help you to determine where you should search for your property, as well as what type of transaction will be best for you (lease vs. buy).

3. Where do I want to be located?

You will obviously want your business to have exposure to the types of clients that are going to keep it thriving.  For that reason, the location of your commercial office space is going to be of the utmost value.  Office space in Tampa and the surrounding areas has continued to thrive in the local commercial market.  Working with a realtor who is well-versed in the Tampa office sector is a great way to ensure that your business doesn’t get lost among the masses.  Location also doesn’t just refer to where you are located on the map.  It is going to important to be surrounded by the right neighboring businesses.  While a little bit of competition is necessary, too much can cause a saturated market where your business could lose its ability to shine.  A good realtor will help you to avoid this from happening.

4. What sort of design to I want my office to have?

Office space in Tampa and the surrounding areas is hugely diverse when it comes to design.  That being said, it’s important that you find a space that positively reflects the energy and feel of your brand.  If you’re a tech company looking for office space, it would make sense that you would want to focus on buildings with a more modern flare.  If your company places its value in neighborhood and family, you may look for a cozy, clean space that can reflect this to your visiting clientele.  Whatever your goals are for the space, think about how you can best reflect them through your office design.  Certain colors, textures, and layouts can all help to create the perfect feel for your business.  Consider working with a professional designer to help you tie it all together.

Are You Ready to Find Commercial Office Space in Tampa or the Surrounding Areas?

Now that you know what you’re looking for, it’s time to find the right agent who can help you make your vision into a thriving reality.  John Milsaps has spent the past decade learning all of the facets of the local commercial real estate market, specializing in the office space and medical office space sectors.  He prides himself on building lasting relationships with his clients based on trust, teamwork, and using his expertise to help them secure the best deals time after time.  If you’re ready to work with the best, take a look through some of his available properties today, and contact him to begin your search!

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John Milsaps, a Senior Advisor at SVN Commercial Advisory Group, specializes in landlord and seller representation in Tampa's professional office and healthcare real estate sectors. His expertise in commercial office space makes him a trusted advocate for clients seeking strategic real estate solutions.