Tampa Planning Commission releases Economic Indicators Report for 2014

Tampa Planning Commission releases Economic Indicators Report for 2014

Tampa Planning Commission

Local economic indicators say…

 Have employment trends stabilized since the recession?

Is employment going up or down?  Up!

589,954 people are employed in Hillsborough County
Employment in the construction industry has risen 8.3%
68% live and work in Hillsborough County
Do people feel more confident or less confident about the economic future?  It depends.

Facts & figures like these  and much more can be found in the Planning Commission’sEconomic Indicators report for 2014. Based on local, regional, and national data to supplement Census Bureau data, this report was prepared in advance of the United States Census Bureau’s recent 2012 Economic Census to include more local detail. The Census Bureau prepares an Economic Census every five years with the most recent data based on 2012 information.

A key component in the analysis was to include the dates of the recent recession against these indicators to identify any trends. The National Bureau of Economic Research dated the recession from December 2007 to June 2009; the recession lasted 18 months. Many core economic indicators primarily used by economists – employment and labor force trends, housing starts, Consumer Price Index, Consumer Confidence Index, retail sales and residential permitting activity – were reviewed. Additionally, this Facts and Figures report includes InFlow and OutFlow data for Hillsborough County’s workforce.

A follow-up Facts and Figures is expected later this month after the Census Bureau releases their next American Community Survey. This companion piece will incorporate socio-demographic trends based on the next data release. Taken together, these two reports should provide a snapshot of Hillsborough County’s economic and demographic profile at approximately the mid-decade point.

View the Facts & Figures including the full report and background data. For more information, contact Terry Eagan at813.273.3774 x349.

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