Tampa Named One of the Greenest US Cities

Tampa Named One of the Greenest US Cities

According to a recent study by Highrises that looked at the country’s 50 most populous cities or Metropolitan Statistical Areas known as MSAs, Tampa is the second greenest city in Florida and the 11th greenest in the USA.

The study considered the MSAs with the most workers over 16, ranking them with a weighted formula that looked at six sustainability metrics. These factors were:

  • % of Commuters Who Drive Alone
  • Carbon Footprint per Capita
  • % of City Land Used for Parks & Recreation
  • Solar PV Installed per Capita
  • % of Renewable Energy Production by State
  • Population Density (People per Square Mile)

The only other Florida city to come in higher than Tampa was Jacksonville, which ranked 10th, just one higher than the Big Guava (that’s Tampa!). The other two Florida cities that made a showing were:

  • Orlando, No. 27
  • Miami, No. 41


📌Interestingly, New York ranked as the number one city for Commuters Who Don’t Drive to Work Alone and as number two in the Top 5 Cities for Park Spaces.

📌 California cities have the strongest showing with three cities in the Top 10–San Diego, San Jose, and Los Angeles.

📌 San Diego was the overall winner and came in first in the Top 5 Cities for Solar Usage.

Sustainability in cities and buildings is becoming an increasingly important competitive factor for multiple reasons. I predict we’ll see more of these types of rankings going forward.

Check out the results of the study below!

The Greenest US Cities - Highrises.com - Infographic

By Highrises.com

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