Tampa Bay Plan for Bioscience

Tampa Bay Plan for Bioscience

The Applied Medicine & Human Performance (AMHP) sector is comprised of the Tampa Bay region’s leading health industries and biosciences clusters. The AMHP sector includes niches such as biomedical research, health information systems, medical device manufacturing and clinical trials. 

With nearly 13,000 Tampa Bay companies in the AMHP sector and more than 255,000 workers, the region is ripe for growth. Of the four target sectors in the Tampa Bay Regional Business Plan, Applied Medicine & Human Performance accounts for roughly 70 percent of those jobs.

The Applied Medicine & Human Performance target sector  represents a refined and targeted set of medical research and services activities that have the potential to differentiate the Tampa Bay region. The focus here is to build up regional research capabilities and expertise to become a recognized center of excellence for specific, targeted areas of biomedical research, clinical trials, medical manufacturing, and health IT.

The Tampa Bay region has a well‐established foundation of companies and assets to build upon for developing this target sector. Key assets include:

 Solid and wide base of research activities and innovative companies

 Strong fundamentals of market and demographic growth

Core niches in this target sector, and selected rationale for pursuit, are as follows:

Senior Health & Wellness

Areas of focus include: (1) biomedical and clinical research on aging‐related conditions (e.g., eye/ear conditions, neurogenerative disorders, cancer, orthopedics, etc.); (2) telecare and home health services; (3) physical therapy and related rehabilitation services; (4) universal design and sustainable building‐based design and construction. The goal here is to make the Tampa Bay region a center of excellence for aging research, and a strong test‐bed for companies who target aging‐related conditions, and then to export these products and services both nationally and globally.

Key Attributes:

 Regional age demographics

 Well‐established area of medical research

 Potential to leverage existing construction/design expertise

Clinical Trials & Destination Medicine

This niche builds off of existing and emerging centers of medical research excellence in the region – particularly in the fields described above – to develop a state‐of‐the art clinical trials capability. With some added attention and investment, the Tampa Bay region could feasibly build up the resources necessary to offer the entire pathway of high‐quality, competitively‐priced pre clinical/clinical trial services. Building regional clinical trials capacity would then allow the Tampa Bay region to attract high‐end “destination medicine” patients, who would come to the region for its high quality of care and reputation for world‐class research in the targeted fields and conditions.

Key regional assets to build upon:

 Existing and emerging centers of medical research excellence

 Well-established tourism assets

Human Performance

This niche includes: (1) biomedical research, medical services, and clinical trials for human performance‐related conditions and injuries (e.g., orthopedics and prosthetics, brain/neurological research, physical therapy/rehabilitation services, etc.), and (2) physiological research and high‐end sports training. These areas of research also have a number of interesting crossovers with aging‐ and defense‐related research (e.g., military/battlefield preparation or recuperation). The niche seeks to build regional research capacity in physiological and sports performance‐related research; to attract increasing numbers of “sports tourists” to visit the region for world‐class, performance‐enhancing training; and to position the region as a national center for recovery and rehabilitation of military veterans who have experienced orthopedic, brain, and other injuries.

Key Attributes:

 Existing regional orthopedic surgery and sports medicine services and areas of expertise

 Existing sports training, tourism, and aerospace and defense assets

Medical Instruments & Devices

The opportunities in this niche stem from strong global/national demand trends, advances in medical and manufacturing technologies, and a movement toward “intelligent” and customized devices. Opportunities span the range of medical devices, including surgical and medical instruments, disposable surgical and medical supplies, diagnostic and electrotherapy equipment, and orthopedic implants. A key trend in this niche is the integration of information technology into medical instrumentation, and the growing regional expertise in sensors, remote monitoring technologies, and IT is a foundation for regional innovation in this field. In addition, the materials and technologies involved in medical instruments and devices also have a number of commonalities with marine instrumentation, and the region could build off of synergies across these niches to create unique regional areas of expertise.

Regional capabilities for this niche include:

 Home to a number of the large, major players in this industry, as well as a wide number of smaller, niche companies

 A strong foundation of workforce and research skills in manufacturing, science & engineering, and medicine

 Growing regional expertise in sensors, remote monitoring technologies, and IT

Health Information Technology & Bioinformatics

There is growing investment in and demand for electronic medical records and the use of IT in the provision of medical and pharmaceutical services, driven by the need to reduce errors, minimize costs, and increase access. Similarly, bioinformatics is an  indispensible tool in biomedical research and drug discovery. Because these are nascent markets, there is great potential for market growth and penetration.

Regional capabilities for this niche include:

 The presence of insurance providers and transaction processing firms

 A strong existing regional workforce with skills in insurance processing

 A growing number of regional institutions with capabilities in bioinformatics and computational biology


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