How to Create the Perfect Medical Office Space Tour

How to Create the Perfect Medical Office Space Tour

A property tour should adequately showcase all of the features that set your medical office space apart from others, convincing potential investors or tenants to choose your space over the competition.  It’s important to realize, however, that your property’s uniqueness is not the only thing viewers are paying attention to.  A property tour is an experience to those taking it, and it should be treated as such from start to finish.  Take the time to create an environment that keeps the client open and receptive, and then be prepared to wow them with your knowledge and with all the finer details of the space.  If you’re not sure how to do that, read ahead for some easy suggestions.

Before the Tour

Before you can begin showing your medical office space, it’s important to ensure that the property is ready for viewing.  A property that is in a state of disrepair is going to make it harder for a potential investor or tenant to see its value, so first begin by bringing your awareness to the issues throughout that need to be fixed.  These may be structural or aesthetic changes.  If you are smart about putting your budget towards the right things, you can almost guarantee a return on your investment.

Next, pay attention to the feeling that the space evokes.  If it is an older building, open windows, shampoo carpets, and turn on fans to rid the space of musty odors.  Open the blinds throughout the space to let in natural light which will make if feel brighter, bigger, and more inviting.  Also hire a professional cleaning crew to make the office feel neat and tidy.

Finally, plan the route you will take your guests on to view the property.  Having a designated course will help the tour to avoid feeling choppy or scattered.  Become well-versed on the history of the property and how it has been used in the past.  Also become familiar with the type of medical facility your client is seeking so that you can brainstorm beforehand on ways to make your particular space feel more resonant with their needs.

During the Tour

medical office space tourRemember that the tour of your medical office space should offer viewers an experience that will keep them relaxed, receptive, and engaged.  Begin the tour by offering your clients water and snacks, particularly if your showing is close to lunchtime or in the later afternoon.  Nothing will distract a client faster than a growling stomach.  This simple act also helps to set the tone for the rest of the tour by allowing a few casual moments to chat with your client.  As you show the property, be enthusiastic, friendly, and calm.  Ask questions that will help you to clarify their needs and determine what is working or not working in the space.  Based on the answers you receive, you can highlight other amenities that will surely benefit them, and/or make suggestions of simple changes that could be made to make the space more useful for them.  Help them to visualize these as you move through each part of the office.

After the Tour

Once the tour of your medical office space is through, make sure that you leave some time for your clients to wander around by themselves. Remind them that you are available if they have any other questions, and try not to hover. Remember that your client doesn’t want to feel as though they are being pressured.  Giving them this freedom may also help them to integrate and visualize some of the ideas and suggestions that you have offered them.

As your meeting wraps up, spend a few extra moments with your client to determine a follow up plan of action that will allow you to keep in touch with them.  You may offer to call, text, or email them the following day to check in and see if any other questions or concerns have arisen for them.  Keep in mind that they are likely touring other properties as well, and this will help to keep your space at the forefront of their mind.

Need Help Showing Your Medical Office Space in Tampa?

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