How to Boost the Productivity of your Commercial Office Space

How to Boost the Productivity of your Commercial Office Space

If you’re in the market for commercial office space, chances are good that you won’t sign on to the first property that you see.  Each listing will have its own set of unique selling points, as well as its own downfalls as far as how they will work for your particular office setup and employees.  As you peruse properties, try to keep the bigger picture in your mind’s eye rather than getting hyper-focused on the minutiae.  If a space isn’t set up exactly how you were thinking, remember that there are many quick and simple changes that you can make to any space that will help you to increase productivity levels and create a better flow throughout.


A simple way to establish a sense of uniformity in your commercial office space is to change out the flooring.  Choosing one flooring material to run throughout your office will make it appear larger and give a more obvious flow to the space.  The material you choose will also directly affect productivity, as denser flooring materials, such as carpeting, will filter out noise and create a more peaceful environment for your employees.


commercial office space productivity by blue paintOne of the simplest ways to encourage production from your employees is to put some paint on the walls of your commercial office space.  As silly as it may sound, color has a profound effect on the psyche.  Depending on what type of environment you are working in, you will want to consider different hues.  Greens and blues will encourage deeper focus and better performance.  Yellows will promote creativity and positive attitudes.  Red will stimulate the body’s ability to complete physical tasks.  White, on the other hand, is said to be one of the worst colors to paint your office as it imparts a feeling of separateness and detachment.

Think Vertically

If a commercial office space rings all your bells and whistles but seems a bit small, don’t panic.  Utilizing the wall space within your office is a great way to keep it organized and clean while at the same time creating additional storage.  Commercial property is so much more than traditional square footage.  Your usable square footage can be much bigger if you know how to make the most of what you’re working with.

Think Outside of the Cubicle

The model of the commercial office space has changed greatly over the past decade.  Standard cubicles and corner offices are being replaced with more open floor plans that encourage engagement between employees so that they might share ideas, stay alert, and enjoy coming to work each day.  It’s also changed in the respect of how desk spaces are being set up.  Traditional computers are being replaced with mobilized screens and many desks are able to convert to standing models so that your employees aren’t sitting all day long.  Keeping your employees interactive with one another and active within their own bodies is a surefire way to keep the energy in your office high and your output exceeding expectations.


Gone are the days of neon lighting!  Research has proven that these are not only detrimental to our health, but that they also deeply affect our productivity by eliciting feelings of lethargy and inducing headaches.  If your commercial office space has access to natural lighting you will want to make sure to capitalize on it.  Keep windows clean and decluttered so the sunshine can flow in.  If your space doesn’t offer this, consider investing in natural sunlight lightbulbs.  These innovative bulbs mimic the effects of natural sunlight, increasing energy, focus, and the feel-good factor throughout your space.

Bring Mother Nature Inside

Inviting some greenery into your commercial office space is another great way to motivate your employees and keep them on track.  Plants and flowers are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they also help to reduce excess carbon dioxide in the air which increases concentration levels within your staff.  Offices with plant life have proven to have employees with lower stress levels, less anxiety, and less hostility.  Breathing cleaner air also helps to keep your employees alert and awake!

Searching for Commercial Office Space in Tampa or the Surrounding Areas?

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